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The complexity and vast diversity of business’ organizational structures and technical issues mean that MECQ is always required to comply with requests of non-standard services; some of which are completely innovative.

Therefore MECQ, since its inception, performs research and development activities regarding the services that it’s offering to its clients. This allows MECQ to be able to offer to the market completely new services and highly customer-oriented products that ensure that the customer can manage even the most complex situations.

In this continually evolving field, including by legislation, it is of considerable importance to make the most out of the budget saving opportunities that a company can access thanks to the planned tax benefits to support activities of R&D.

Our consultancy activities, that are born from the health and safety area, besides aiming to the detection and assessment of feasibility of interventions calibrated to the specific needs of the client, supports it in the identification of those phases that could be attributed to research and development and technological innovation, coherently with the requirements stated by the applicable laws regarding the possibility of accessing tax benefits and financing measures.