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Quality Policy

MECQ S.r.l. means to develop its services in the direction of strategic consulting within the industrial sector, on high added value subjects beginning from the highest competence sectors:
• Work health and safety,
• product certification,
• quality,
• respect of the environment,
• management systems.

MECQ intends to extend and diversify its activity, especially consulting for industrial businesses, to everything that regards growth and protection of the businesses and business ethics.

For this reason, beyond just technical and specific consulting on the above said subjects, that still represents a solid element of business, the company develops its services by aiming ever more to a relationship of strong trust with its clients, that has trasformed MECQ over time in an active agent in the client’s business management. MECQ is following this road with determination because it is going to represent a real necessity for businesses and will evolve into the core business as real element of distinction from its competitors.

The subjects on which MECQ focuses its efforts and its activities are:
– the application of exemption models ex D. Lgs. 231/2001 and successive modifications and integrations
– the improvement of process quality and general management
– the implementation of systems for the management of safety and environment, including integrated
– the implementation of systems for quality management
– the implementation of models for guaranteeing safety/product certification
– consulting on reconstruction of accidental event dynamics at client companies and eventual support during criminal trial.

The company intends to continue its efforts on businesses already consolidated to date.

The high management defines yearly the politics and objectives, both long and short term, to pursue and strategies for their fulfillment. Its efforts are first and foremost towards defining and implementing R&D projects.

The operative objectives that derive are:
– the possibility to answer to the client’s needs on management aspects through cutting edge services,
– the possibility to advise the client when confronting problems that can emerge unexpectedly,
– readiness to answer to the client’s needs,
– respecting above said requirements.

To pursue these objectives, the business will mainly operate:
– on defining and developing new products;
– on competence growth and single collaborators skills, on all the strategic subjects to guarantuee flexibility of the entire structure and a good interchangeability between resources (aiming to an internal and strategic training and external specialistic training);
– on the sharing of work methods (intended as approaches that go beyond mere standardization);
– on confronting with the clients on various tools to develop new approaches and products, monitoring their degree of satisfatction or consequently improving performance.

To that end, MECQ considers vital the development and implementation on every level of the quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the continual improvement of the business processes starting from those that impact on the real ability of the business to pursue its intents.

The specific objectives are defined yearly by the management and spread to all MECQ staff.