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Our History: Since 1999 consulting and growth for your business.

scansione00011MECQ was founded in 1999, by integrating a group of technicians with decades of experience in order to make available to the customers a concrete support to the company improvement. In the years MECQ established itself as a reality initially oriented mainly to the technical field, later also to the business consulting on the organizational aspects.

In order to reply to the evolving specific needs of the market and the different perception of the value of external consulting, MECQ over the years has evolved from a hierarchical structure, divided into sectors and directed to grow the business and expand it in terms of quantity, while ensuring the highest level of quality, to a group of people with different educational and professional backgrounds who believe in the value of working together, to jointly address the issues that are continually renewed, and to develop ever more effective technical and organizational approaches to satisfy the needs of customers.

Kenji-Higuchi-Screen-shot-2011-11-17-at-12.16.36-PMTherefore, today MECQ looks, alongside the usual activities of organizational and technical consulting, all the opportunities to work together with the customer as the best opportunity of mutual growth, believing that this is a valid strategy to ensure the business even in times of reduced available resources for companies, and to be able to face the new and ever more complex issues on which the interest of the customer is focused.

From this derive the strengths of the structure outlined in the last three years, which are: direct contact between the management and all the technicians, the maximum sharing of technical targets and ways of working, the self-continuous training, the investment oriented to the creation of a solid and stable company team that can favor a process of growth and “specialization” on problem solving, in line with the requests ever more complex of major customers.